The Great Forgetting 2019-2022

I am totally amazed at how quick most Australians have seemingly blocked-out — forgotten-ignore? — what occurred during the 2019 to early 2022, especially (2021 was the worst) all the crap that the govt/minions/bureaucrats enforced, imposed, coerced, lied to the the population of Australia under so-called healthy-safety-caring for the community. Yes, folks here think it’s... Continue Reading →

Digital IDs, Surveillance, Control, Monitoring

Here in Australia, there are now, 7 individual "movement tracking"—-qr scanning apps— required, 1 for each state/territory, to be used just to travel within Australia "across borders", whilst the federal Australian govt is now very close to having the "Australian Digital ID" legislation passed and implemented, with its own digital app ofc. All this data... Continue Reading →

Welcome to Medical Martial Law

29/07/2021: NSW govt, gives new legal power to police commissioner & the federal govt has approved the deployment of 300 military to work with police to patrol (control) and enforce "tougher" penalties & increased fines on those who resist/protest or "not-comply" with the ever-changing rules, laws, and regulations being rolled-out before our very lives …... Continue Reading →

Thanks for Tagging Your Self

Got the tracking app, or the QRcode reader... then recall what the exemption and "dog-tagging" of Aboriginal people <1967 was all about... now we all gonna be tracked...oh yeh, and the dawning of cashless society coming to a store/business near you... stay tuned "there’s more" still to come... 2021>2030... "smart" cities, for dumbed-down townies ...... Continue Reading →

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