These Are The Days

These are the days of distinction, discernment, of separating the darkness from the light. The age of awareness, awakening. Exposing the sickness of the dark-hearted and their way of life.

Conspiracy vs Conspiritsee

"Be careful what you’re Dreaming, soon your dreams will be dreaming you." Co-creating yOUR reality — Tjukurritja Tjukurrpa — conspiracy >> subjective to objective — con+spirit+see [conspiritsee]

If I Were The Devil

If I were the devil, this world would be my playground.If I were the devil, your lives would be as toys.If I were the devil, you'd believe I do not exist.If I were your playmate, living with you.If I were deceit, then my pleasures shall rise.If I were your pleasures, your wants and desires,Then I'd... Continue Reading →

Seeking One’s Tribe

An expression of thought … "The tribe" members are scattered, dispersed, the seed within each spread, blown, and seeded far and wide, carried by the wind and the colonisers throughout many lands, covered and buried deep within, often hidden from those of the alienation, the ones disconnected … the "seeded" from the origene now isolated,... Continue Reading →

Myth Is Not Fiction

"… myth is not fiction: it consists of facts that are continually repeated and can be observed over and over again." — Carl Jung

Being Sensitive, Dealing With Animosity

People who are "spiritually observant", discerning — energy sensitive — and attentive "know" when others have some type of animosity towards them. Such "sensitives" (who maybe an "empath" or an "intuitive") will, and often do, notice everything — the subtleties of shifts in vibes, "feelings" around them and/or directed towards them. Subliminal disses* (thoughts and... Continue Reading →

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