We are The Ab Origene

"We are of the Origene — the ab origine — the Absolute Original — the Alpha-Omega. We are "naturally AbOriginal" Beings in essence, from neither space nor time, dwelling in this place, the manifest, the Tjukurritja Tjukurrpa." — DJA daownunder

Another Elder Returns Home 2021

Warning: This article contains the name and images of a deceased Indigenous person. Prominent Aboriginal leader Uncle Max Harrison has died in a Sydney Covid ward, two weeks after speaking at an anti-vaccination mandate rally. Uncle Max Dulumunmun Harrison, a prominent Aboriginal elder, had died in the Covid-19 ward of a Sydney hospital (he did... Continue Reading →

Aboriginal, aboriginal, indigenous

There is a huge difference in meaning between "indigenous", "aboriginal" and "Aboriginal", do your learning/research…indigenous is all inclusive of all and anyone born in a country. Aboriginal with a capital A, is a unique identifier in the English speaking language, to those aboriginal peoples , specific and only to Australia. In this usage, Aboriginal with... Continue Reading →

If, we want to understand and realise what an occupied country and its people are in the extreme, we cannot ignore what has happened in Palestine, and what continues to be done by Israel, with the ongoing support of so-called allies colluding with the invading occupation, the UK, USA, Australia, France, and the silent countries... Continue Reading →

Livin’ His-Story Embodied

The "his-story" of Aboriginals of Gondwana is re-presented in the living memory of experiences, my history, my Mother’story, my Grandmother’s story, my "dreaming", yOUR Tjukuuritja Tjukurrpa, my Djumall’s metaphysical "presence" …. All this and much more is not a recent cover-up …. Living "history" is alive and embodied in the living re-presentatives known as Aboriginal,... Continue Reading →


you can take the person from Country, but you can’t take Country from their soul ❤️💛🖤 🪃🔥👣

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