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  • The Viral State of Evil
    In the past few years, it has become more apparent, how the viral state of evil, what I call the “dark-heart”, has insidiously spread throughout, and within, the hierarchy of totalitarianism, governments, bureaucracies, organisations, and… More
  • Since When Did
  • These Are The Days
    These are the days of distinction, discernment, of separating the darkness from the light. The age of awareness, awakening. Exposing the sickness of the dark-hearted and their way of life.
  • Be Well Be SAFE
    Be well, Be S.A.F.E., and Behave. Spiritually Aware, Faithfully Earthed
  • A Valuable Acquisition, Australia
    “Australia, the most valuable acquisition Britain has ever made.” That’s all this land ever was, still is to the AustrALIENS. In service and servitude to mother England, their “mother country”, and still is, just a… More
  • In Your Heart
    In your heart, your mind, your life, may fear and uncertainty not have their foothold. May your breath, your soul remain pure, from an untainted spirit within, immune from the pollutants from what we breathe,… More
  • Free Assange Now!
    The total immoral, injustice, regarding the Julian Assange debacle, is a dark-stain and spotlight on the arrogance and corruption of the imperialistic military-government/s, the five-eyes-alliance, a network of corruptible politicians … the list goes on… More
  • We are The Ab Origene
    “We are of the Origene — the ab origine — the Absolute Original — the Alpha-Omega. We are “naturally AbOriginal” Beings in essence, from neither space nor time, dwelling in this place, the manifest, the… More
  • Babylon is a Cipher
    “Babylon is a cipher for the world system opposed to God. … that is everything that is anti-God.” — Darrell Bock
  • Conspiracy vs Conspiritsee
    “Be careful what you’re Dreaming, soon your dreams will be dreaming you.” Co-creating yOUR reality — Tjukurritja Tjukurrpa — conspiracy >> subjective to objective — con+spirit+see [conspiritsee]