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  • Seeking One’s Tribe
    An expression of thought … “The tribe” members are scattered, dispersed, the seed within each spread, blown, and seeded far and wide, carried by the wind and the colonisers throughout many lands, covered and buried deep within, often hidden from those of the alienation, the ones disconnected … the “seeded” from the origene now isolated, … Continue reading “Seeking One’s Tribe”
  • Myth Is Not Fiction
    “… myth is not fiction: it consists of facts that are continually repeated and can be observed over and over again.” — Carl Jung
  • Gates and His Plan
    Here we go again, Gates and his plan … WHOse 3000 epidemiologists, Gates? “Germ” team translates, those who are infected with the Wetiko, psychosis virus, ie the dark-hearted minions that comply without question/thinking. All on the pay-roll of the vested interests, his companies, colleagues and BlackRock owners. Uh huh … time to eradicate these viral … Continue reading “Gates and His Plan”
  • Loss of Freedom, Commentary
    Restrictions and the censoring of the Freedom to express, to provide another point of view on topical issues to that of the MSM/govt sanctioned scripts & narratives, is not a “free” society. The modern use of the term “democracy” is no longer an actuality regarding, protection of individual, human rights. The rapid legislative changes being … Continue reading “Loss of Freedom, Commentary”
  • Living Elder, Dying Library
    “When an Elder, a Tjamu, a ngangkaṟi dies their library returns to the Earth — until their return.”
  • Discrimination, Legalised Perpretators
    I grew-up & lived in the time/years, where discrimination against Aboriginals was still done, enforced and believed to be legal — post ‘67 referendum — yes, I witnessed, experienced how my darker coloured relatives & friends in community were treated and disrespected by “good” Australians, business owners & “their” police, so I relate well and … Continue reading “Discrimination, Legalised Perpretators”
  • Austraya Leading The Way Dec 2021
    Don’t overlook what has, and still is happening in various States of Australia, and Australia across the board. Mandates, manipulating and amending various legislation, skirting the Federal constitution, or outright ignoring it. Fining people, arresting people, intimidating, coercing, censoring medical experts, monitoring social media…. And on & on. The “colony” of Australia is being used … Continue reading “Austraya Leading The Way Dec 2021”
  • What Will Become of Innocence
    I have sat with, lived with, worked for, some of the most vulnerable, disempowered, hope-less, disabled, crippled, injured and poverty stricken people for decades … they will not have the knowledge, strength, resources or understanding of what is still to come…. The 100s I have personally and professionally encountered… they are the side-effected, affected, and … Continue reading “What Will Become of Innocence”
  • Deaf to Truth
  • Infiltrators of Lore and People
    Let’s not forget to include in “they” those who are infiltrators and gammon amongst our own families, clans, services, communities. If not consciously colluding with “them”, then our betrayers of lore & spiritual culture, are unconsciously colluding with the “viral enemy” the COLONisers of the aLIEnations that have spread like an infectious disease across all … Continue reading “Infiltrators of Lore and People”
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