Healing With Spirit

60,000 year old traditional healing practices could be part of complementary healthcare if the Ngangkari healers are successful in their plight.

Traditional Aboriginal healers push to be part of mainstream healthcare…


Mamu Means Evil

Corruption is a form of corrosion. A corrupted soul creates an infected spirit/energy within, similar to how a disease, a virus, resides or contaminates throughout one’s physiology — the metaphysic system within may also be diseased — more so when traumatised, whilst its outer symptoms (behaviour) can be seen or felt, affecting those around its source, those around or near to such a person.

When the “inner sheath” has been torn, ripped, traumatised — it’s like when the vacuum in a pressurised cabin has been breached, and an opening within the inner psyche — spiritual immune system — is disabled, damaged.

The corruption and corrosive disease I speak of is like the wind — we see its effects and the damage chaotic winds can produce, but we never see the wind — evil is like the wind of darkness — a viral bacterial infection to the spirit/soul, infecting and/or influencing the integrity of the individual, though never seen, it’s effects can be seen, understood.

The Aboriginal ancestry that I am descended from, and grew with for a time, have their word for such evil… Mamu.

There are people who are addicted to, or at least committed to their servitude of this “darkness” within their Self, and are just as devoted to its force and power as there are others who are “warriors” of its opposite, striving for the submission of “evil”.

The “fight” or “battle” between these opposite forces/beings can often be experienced or understood as a “spiritual warfare”, sometimes enacted externally, and more often experienced internally, within one Self. [The Way towards integration]

“Beware, Be aware, Be wary of Mamu; Be aware, Be wary of evil; Be in charge of your power/s and your choices. Know which it is that your words, deeds, and thoughts are feeding.”

1st written, 2018

Considering Truth

Another possibility is that “spiritual teachers” have a flexibility of consciousness that allows them to see things from many different perspectives and also to see different levels of truth that are true simultaneously. It is possible for two opposite things to both be true, either as complementary truths or as truths that operate on different levels of reality.

So it is possible to allow things to be just as they are and, at times, to also work to change or transform the world. These two perspectives complement each other.

Most of our problems arise when we hold on too tightly to one perspective or the other.

The real gift of any “spiritual teaching” is when it points us to the part of the truth that we are overlooking or ignoring.

Most often, this is the truth that you can allow everything to be just as it is.

But sometimes someone gets stuck in the view that everything is perfect, and they need to be pointed back to the possibility of changing the world for the better.

“Everything is perfect, and there is always room for improvement!”

Four Categories of “Soul”, Essence Within

Regarding a person’s “essence”; how I relate to “another”: My guiding inner-sense [aka, discernment], based on 4 understandings.

(1) younger souls (2) older souls (3) assouls (4) no souls.

None of these are unique to a person’s “colour”, “race”, “gender”, or their spiritual-religious beliefs and/or cultural upbringing, but all to do with how they live and “relate to “others”.

Sadly there seems to be a predominance of “assouls” & a growing number of “no souls” in our political and social groups and movements, as well as our suburbs, families, and communities throughout the population, whether they be they local, national, or globally.

Addendum: (1) narcissists [sounds like, nasty-cysts], implicit trait in “assouls”. (2) psychopathy implicit within the “no souls” categories.

“In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.” — Desiderius Erasmus (1466-1536)

The Liberal Party Does Not Mean “liberal”

Australians have been duped politically whenever they vote. Why? Our LIBERAL PARTY does not mean “liberals” as such, here the LIBERAL party are not “liberals”, they are representing the opposite. Hence it’s an oxymoron causing a double-bind in terminology and meaning, people thinking they’re voting for “progressive-liberal” politicians when they’re actually not! 😀😂🤣🙃🤪🇦🇺

“Statement from The Heart” not Supported

In 2017 the Anangu Tribal Elders asked for the name of Uluru Statement from the Heart to be changed. The Referendum Council and other government bodies that cooked-up the statement never asked for permission to have the convention at Yalara (near Uluru) or to use the Uluru name on the statement and the Council have turned their backs on the request to remove it.

So much for the statement really respecting culture! Aunty Alison Hunt, Desert Leader was asked to speak on behalf of the Anangu mob.

DJ (12 July 20200)