So, what exactly is Traditional art & musical Instruments

The melding/blending of cultural “traditions” seems to be the way of humans across the world and throughout the history of “contact” or “conquest”. An inevitability… like the “westernisation” of 1st nations people more recently… the “Koori law” as noted by a Sydney born/raised “elder” from Redfern called it, is not the same as “you mob in the west & NT who still have your traditional ways/practices and Lore”. so-called Aboriginal “urban culture” blends hip-hop, rap, other “people’s” instruments , styles, speech, musical form, art (eg. graffiti art) in contemporary music/artistry under the term Aboriginal music/artists, yet apparently want to “claim” traditional ownership of certain “instruments/art forms”, whilst living within the acculturation process as such? Hmm …

Exactly who has Julian Assange betrayed?

E xactly who has Julian Assange betrayed? The charge of “traitor” applies to a person who has betrayed their country/govt “secrets”. Julian is NOT a USA citizen! He is an Australian national, being illegally imprisoned in a UK maximum prison, for “jumping bail,” now 6 months pass the original term of the farcical & ridiculous 500 days! On what authority have the UK/USA judiciary collusion have to continue the persecution of an Australian journalist? Where is the Australian govt in this case, defending, assisting and/or legally advocating for the protection of the rights of an Australian in a foreign court? Shame on our (Australian) govt & people, silence is compliance. The real guilty parties are not in the dock, they’re the ones conducting the bs “trial”! Thank you Graham (Elwood) & other independent journalists, who continue to bring this “kangaroo court” injustice, immoral & corrupt proceedings into the public arena whilst our “media” fails once again, here in Australia.

On behalf of Julian Assange.

USA, August 2020

The brutality of America. Hmm… the “brutality” of the USA has spread across the globe, infected & affected millions of innocent, non-military citizens of our world. “They” call it peace-keeping, democracy, liberation, and such-like. I call it imperialism, corruption, blood-letting, exploitation, rotten to It’s core. The USA is viral, warmongering, violent, confrontational, combative… wetiko, psychopaths, “evil”. Now the lid is being lifted in a 100 different ways, the facade is being peeled back and the cancer being exposed. The USA requires a “reset” in nearly every sphere of it’s “SYSTEM”. 👎🏼🇺🇸👎🏽🇺🇸👎🏼☠️👽 🤬

Defining Aboriginality in Australia v1

It seems that there are quite a few amongst “us” that seem to define their “Aboriginal” identity according to their own understanding & interpretation. This seems to be an “issue” and a growing “problem” amongst 1st nation-sovereign people/communities throughout westernised/invaded countries.

All are Aboriginal

Here in Australia there may have been some issues of concern for some individuals and families regarding the 3 point “official” definition protocol used throughout my earlier years, but these days, having no guiding definitions to follow has opened the gates to those who really do not give a damn about cultural Lore, traditions nor what can be termed as “the Aboriginal Cause” — using their “claim” to somewhat dubious or tenuous ancestral lineage that neglects the “community” & the “live in their community” context aspects of “aboriginality” —- to serve their own needs or access to entitlement of services, eduction, funding, etc. without commitment, concern nor interests of the broader Aboriginal communities, and related socio-political issues.

To sum-up, such “Aboriginals” are clouding and dilating the genuine ongoing concerns and challenges still confronting and discriminating against our 1st Nations people — as such, they need to be called-out when it is known and obvious that they are “in it” for their own selfish reasons or “gain”, rather than in their place and best interest of the communities they supposedly support, re-present, and/or originate. [26 July 2020]

Healing With Spirit

60,000 year old traditional healing practices could be part of complementary healthcare if the Ngangkari healers are successful in their plight.

Traditional Aboriginal healers push to be part of mainstream healthcare…

Mamu Means Evil

Corruption is a form of corrosion. A corrupted soul creates an infected spirit/energy within, similar to how a disease, a virus, resides or contaminates throughout one’s physiology — the metaphysic system within may also be diseased — more so when traumatised, whilst its outer symptoms (behaviour) can be seen or felt, affecting those around its source, those around or near to such a person.

When the “inner sheath” has been torn, ripped, traumatised — it’s like when the vacuum in a pressurised cabin has been breached, and an opening within the inner psyche — spiritual immune system — is disabled, damaged.

The corruption and corrosive disease I speak of is like the wind — we see its effects and the damage chaotic winds can produce, but we never see the wind — evil is like the wind of darkness — a viral bacterial infection to the spirit/soul, infecting and/or influencing the integrity of the individual, though never seen, it’s effects can be seen, understood.

The Aboriginal ancestry that I am descended from, and grew with for a time, have their word for such evil… Mamu.

There are people who are addicted to, or at least committed to their servitude of this “darkness” within their Self, and are just as devoted to its force and power as there are others who are “warriors” of its opposite, striving for the submission of “evil”.

The “fight” or “battle” between these opposite forces/beings can often be experienced or understood as a “spiritual warfare”, sometimes enacted externally, and more often experienced internally, within one Self. [The Way towards integration]

“Beware, Be aware, Be wary of Mamu; Be aware, Be wary of evil; Be in charge of your power/s and your choices. Know which it is that your words, deeds, and thoughts are feeding.”

1st written, 2018