Well-come to Country.

“Country” refers to an Aboriginal person’s place of heritage, belonging and spirituality and recognises the ongoing connection of the Aboriginals of Australia to their sovereign land, skies and seas, ceremonial practices and cultural values.

Country is both a place of belonging and a way of believing.

Welcome to DJdaownunder.

David John, aka Dubba, currently resides on the ancestral lands of the Ngadjuri, in South Australia.

Dubba was born on the land of the Kaurna (Glenelg, SA). His mother (R.I.P), was born on the land of the Meru (Renmark, SA). Her mother, Lali, born on Nyanganyatjara [also pr. Nanatjara] Country, as was her mother Jirgullu.

On Country, Flinders Ranges