Endemic and Insidious Deep Within

When it comes to human-sex-child trafficking… next level of deviancy and conspiracy? "Snuff" movies! Who can afford to pay for these!? Umm, only the very rich with the collusion of "key" people & their "enablers". Seriously folks, just ask the right questions, & stop believing in your "leaders", your "legal" system, it’s enforcers. The corruption... Continue Reading →

Just Because, Doesn’t Mean…

Just because someone may be the same colour as you,Or speaks and sounds like you.Or just because they may look like you,Or say the things you like to hear,Doesn’t mean they have your best interests at heart.They may be "nice", but that don’t mean they’re "good"for you, they maybe just "good fooling you".

Exactly who has Julian Assange betrayed?

E xactly who has Julian Assange betrayed? The charge of “traitor” applies to a person who has betrayed their country/govt “secrets". Julian is NOT a USA citizen! He is an Australian national, being illegally imprisoned in a UK maximum prison, for "jumping bail,” now 6 months pass the original term of the farcical & ridiculous... Continue Reading →

USA, August 2020

The brutality of America. Hmm… the "brutality" of the USA has spread across the globe, infected & affected millions of innocent, non-military citizens of our world. "They" call it peace-keeping, democracy, liberation, and such-like. I call it imperialism, corruption, blood-letting, exploitation, rotten to It’s core. The USA is viral, warmongering, violent, confrontational, combative… wetiko, psychopaths,... Continue Reading →

Defining Aboriginality in Australia v1

It seems that there are quite a few amongst "us" that seem to define their "Aboriginal" identity according to their own understanding & interpretation. This seems to be an "issue" and a growing "problem" amongst 1st nation-sovereign people/communities throughout westernised/invaded countries. All are Aboriginal Here in Australia there may have been some issues of concern... Continue Reading →

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