The Liberal Party Does Not Mean “liberal”

Australians have been duped politically whenever they vote. Why? Our LIBERAL PARTY does not mean “liberals” as such, here the LIBERAL party are not “liberals”, they are representing the opposite. Hence it’s an oxymoron causing a double-bind in terminology and meaning, people thinking they’re voting for “progressive-liberal” politicians when they’re actually not! 😀😂🤣🙃🤪🇦🇺

“Statement from The Heart” not Supported

In 2017 the Anangu Tribal Elders asked for the name of Uluru Statement from the Heart to be changed. The Referendum Council and other government bodies that cooked-up the statement never asked for permission to have the convention at Yalara (near Uluru) or to use the Uluru name on the statement and the Council have turned their backs on the request to remove it.

So much for the statement really respecting culture! Aunty Alison Hunt, Desert Leader was asked to speak on behalf of the Anangu mob.

DJ (12 July 20200)