Naturally Ab Original

In the beginning there was the Breath — the Chi — and the Breath was made manifest, the word became the world. The Breath gave birth into the earth It-Self. The Breath was birthed, from nothingness to manifest; from the invisible the formula was conceived to create the form, the visible that we are now.

The source of us all is “the genius of genesis” — the beginning — the seeding of the breathing — the creation from the Dreaming.

At some point — the alchemical moment of crux — we crossed-over into this world that matters, as an outpouring of matter fine and course.

The genesis implies the “gene-in-us-all” — the “Gene-Is”. And all of us are natural allies, cooperatively cohabiting this formation we know as life. We are nature-allied by Nature itself, and naturally-aligned from within the womb of us all — the mother-earth gives birth, the matrix is the mother — and it matters to us all.

We are but the many faces, the multi-facets of the One, a holographic expression of the ‘whole image’ — the Original is else-where; we are of the radiation of Imagination (the Image-Nation) — manifested in the “atom-o-sphere” — entrapped within an atmospheric world of projection and reflection, acceptance and rejection, gravity and heaviness.

We are the outflow of the one Source of creation — beyond the Atum of the Egyptians — before the Adam of the Judea-Christians — we are of the atomic, the “atom-I-see” expression of life It-Self.

We are of the ‘Origene’ — the ab origin — the absolute original — we are “naturally aboriginal” Beings in essence from neither space nor time, dwelling in this place.

For we are nought but composites — combustible, consuming, consenting Beings — impressed with Life It-Self; expressed from the Breath, one source, whilst being as if some-thing else.

Can you get your head around such paradox… existing, yet not — no-where and now here — Being aware, yet not your awareness?
Can you stretch your limitations — your positionality — until the thoughts that bind you and confine you within the matrix; within the womb of Mother-earth, finally breakdown, and no longer hold you within this “atom-o-sphere of fear” — when Realisation again frees you from such constraints and complexes of the body-mind, space-time configuration? ‘It-Is’ as It should Be.

Written in 2007. David John © 2020