Defining Aboriginality in Australia v1

It seems that there are quite a few amongst “us” that seem to define their “Aboriginal” identity according to their own understanding & interpretation. This seems to be an “issue” and a growing “problem” amongst 1st nation-sovereign people/communities throughout westernised/invaded countries.

All are Aboriginal

Here in Australia there may have been some issues of concern for some individuals and families regarding the 3 point “official” definition protocol used throughout my earlier years, but these days, having no guiding definitions to follow has opened the gates to those who really do not give a damn about cultural Lore, traditions nor what can be termed as “the Aboriginal Cause” — using their “claim” to somewhat dubious or tenuous ancestral lineage that neglects the “community” & the “live in their community” context aspects of “aboriginality” —- to serve their own needs or access to entitlement of services, eduction, funding, etc. without commitment, concern nor interests of the broader Aboriginal communities, and related socio-political issues.

To sum-up, such “Aboriginals” are clouding and dilating the genuine ongoing concerns and challenges still confronting and discriminating against our 1st Nations people — as such, they need to be called-out when it is known and obvious that they are “in it” for their own selfish reasons or “gain”, rather than in their place and best interest of the communities they supposedly support, re-present, and/or originate. [26 July 2020]

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